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    Hi there! I'm a Nairobi-based visual artist with over 10 years of experience specializing in graffiti and urban art. I'm passionate artist excited to empower others. As such, I've trained over 300 young people over the years to use art as a tool for advocacy through various workshops.


    I've had the opportunity to work internationally through festivals including, Koch Fest, Street Diaries, Rift valley festival Sawa Sawa festival, Art of the Streets Festival in Sweden, Open Source Festival in Berlin and the Prince Claus award ceremony in Amsterdam.


    My deepest ambitions lie in spreading art and creativity to every corner of the world and am excited to pursue any opportunities that would allow me to explore the world while sharing my talents.


  • Services

    Things I Can Do For You


    • Acrylic
    • Air Brush
    • Graffiti
    • Charcoal

    Graphic Design

    • Book illustrations
    • Logo & Stationary design
    • Promotional materials (posters, etc.)

    Branding & Consulting

    • Corporate branding of spaces
    • Campaign design
    • Advocacy and awareness projects


    • Street art
    • Canvas work
    • Art & Advocacy
  • Experience

    Places and people I've worked with


    Graffiti Artist


    Painted graffiti murals and conducted workshops on how to use art as a tool for advocacy

    British Council

    Graffiti Artist

    Created thematic graffiti murals at the British council every month for over five years during the WAPI (words and pictures) forum which brought together hundreds of creatives from the underground.

    Wash United

    Creative Consultant

    March - June 2015

    Developed creative solutions and campaigns that helped further public health programs and training.

    Aerosol Artist

    Graffiti Artist

    Aug 2012 - March 2015

    Painted graffiti murals during the Spray For Change campaign at the Jomo Kenyatta Internatinal Airprot


    Creative Consultant

    2014 & 2016

    Painted two murals per year to raise awareness on lead-based paints

    Sanaa Festival

    Grafitti Artist

    January 2017

    Adelaide, South Australia

    Open Knowledge Festival

    Graffiti Artist

    June 2014

    Berlin, Germany

  • Recommendations

    People I've had the privilege to work with

    Aparna Shrivastava

    Interaction Designer at Google

    Swift is the perfect blend of a profound creative and reliable professional. He’s detail oriented and a natural innovator. While working with WASH United, he developed creative solutions and campaigns that helped further our public health programs and trainings. Swift’s a strong communicator regardless of the audience he’s working with and is a true pleasure to work with. I’d highly recommend him to any future client!


    Aparna Shrivastava

    Managing Director, WASH United Africa

    Victoria Lewis

    Founder/ Artistic Director of Sanaa

    I worked with Swift9 in my position of Founder/Artistic Director of Sanaa: A better world through creativity, he was one of five Kenyan artists who participated in the event travelling to Australia. As part of his commitments, Swift painted a mural of Nelson Mandela in one of South Australia's renowned art galleries, painted a number of murals in a city laneway and participated in an artist talk, artist dinners and the street festival, attended by over 2500 patrons. Swift was a pleasure to work with, possessed a good work ethic and as an individual - impressed those who he met with his personable, trustworthy and friendly nature, during the course of his trip. I look forward to working with Swift again.

    Moraa Gitaa

    Arts manager at the British council. nairobi

    I interacted with Swift Grafitti a couple of times when I worked with the British Council. He created a themed piece that is still the attraction at the British Council car park. The originality and authenticity of his work is utterly compelling and I highly recommend him. Moraa Gitaa – Author and former Arts Manager at the British Council, Nairobi

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    P.O. Box 61484-00100
    Nairobi, Kenya
    +254 725 669 993